ATOL is proud to be one of the first to bring heated spray tans to our clients. No more cold mist while you're tanning your bodies! No down time is required between your lash appointments and your spray tan application although if doing both services on the same day, we recommend to refill your lash extensions first and then get your spray tan. What goes better than a Spray Tan and Lashes!?

Our solution is from BOLD Sunless is derived from sugar cane. It is paraben-free and will never leave you orange or streaky. The luxury solution is the same solution used to spray the Miss Nevada and Miss USA contestants!

Stop in or schedule online to get weekend ready!

Complimentary upgraded scent options and ab contouring available upon request.

**Rapid Tan develops in 2 hours**


Level 1 or 2

4 Tans – $110 ($10 savings)


6 Tans – $160 ($20 savings)

Level 3


4 Tans – $150 ($10 savings)


6 Tans – $220 ($20 savings)

Rapid Dry


4 Tans – $150 ($10 savings)


6 Tans – $220 ($20 savings)

How To Prep For Your Spray Tan


    • Use a body scrub and body mitt to remove dry skin the night for your appointment to prepare your skin’s surface properly.



    • Be sure to shave the night before your session so that your skin’s pores have time to close prior to your appointment.



    • Arrive to your spray appointment with clean, dry skin without makeup, lotions, or oils for best results.

How To Care For Your Spray Tan


    • Wait a minimum of 6 hours for the darkest, longest-lasting results. Keep cool and avoid strenuous activities while your tan is developing. If you upgraded to the RAPID TAN, you may shower within 2 hours.



    • Do not exfoliate or soak in tubs or pools unless you are trying to remove your spray tan. Quick, warm showers will prolong the life of your spray tan.



    • To keep your spray tan from cracking or fading prematurely, apply quality lotion twice a day and drink as much water as possible.