These facial masks are made from Tencel which is eco-friendly synthetic fiber obtained from eucalyptus tree. These masks have natural breathability and 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton. 


Types of Face Masks:

Aloe (Soothing): Hydrates & soothes sensitive or damaged skin. 

Avocado (Nourishing): Provides extra nutrition revitalizing dry & rough skin.

Blueberry (Firming): Restores skin's suppleness & vitality.

Charcoal (Purifying): Absorbs impurities & minimizes pores for soft & elastic skin.

Collagen (Elasticity): Gives elasticity to the loose skin.

Cucumber (Cooling): Provides moisture to dull, dry skin.

Green Tea (Hydrating): Infuses skin with moisture to clarify your complexion.

Pomegranate (Firming): Nourishes skin with long-lasting hydration & a radiant complexion.

Tea Tree (Refreshing): Refreshes tired skin & provides deep moisture.

Vitamin (Brightening): Provides a radiant complexion & brightening effect.

Natural Fruit & Veggie Mask Sheets

  • Step 1: Apply sheet mask evenly onto your face.

    Step 2: Let it dry for 15-20 minutes & then peel off.

    Step 3: After removing the mask, gently massage the remaining essence for better absorption.