You asked and we answered. Finally, an OIL and WATER resistant adhesive! Oily eyelids? No problem. Oily lashes? No problem.This formula is meant to withstand your most troublesome clients lashes.

Not only is this adhesive oil and water resistant, but it works in a HUGE range of climates and conditions!

Lash Assassin’s Product Details:
* Humidity range of 15% - 75%
* Temperature range of 59-95 •F
* Low fumes and a STRONG hold of 7 weeks - perfect for those clients who are 

* 12 month self life (unopened) and 7 weeks (opened) recommended
* Last but not least take advantage of the 25-35 minute working drop time.

Lash Assassin - Oil Proof Adhesive 5ml

  • For dispensing - We have had much success using the adhesive in a number of ways. With the jade stone, we have noticed that the adhesive drop stays fresh for approx 40 minutes. If you prefer to place something down on top of the jade stone like a piece of tape, we recommend placing foam tape. Stay away from paper tape. When the adhesive was placed on top of the tape, we see an average drop time of 30-40 minutes.
    We have also found that drop time for the adhesive in a plastic glue ring is around 40-50 minutes as well. We usually dispense 2-3 drops into the ring. We haven’t yet had experience with a silicone glue ring at this time.
    You can also use the backing of your gel pad to place your adhesive drop. Some of the gel pads leave a film behind on their plastic backing so if you’re unsure if this method will work with your plastic backing, we recommend doing a trial prior to using it in a service. We see a normal drop time of 40-45 minutes using this method.
    All time frames were approximate and taken at our temperature and humidity ranges (71-73 degrees F and 15-19% humidity).
    Use and Storage:


    Shake the bottle for approximately 2 minutes. We recommend using a pigment shaker for best results. After shaking, let the bottle sit upright for 1-2 minutes to settle. Carefully remove the lid and turn upside down to dispense. Gently and lightly squeeze the bottle to dispense 1 drop. Throw away this first drop of the day. Dispense a second drop on a clean work station. We recommend letting the drop of adhesive sit for 3-4 minutes before getting to work so it can acclimate to your room environment. We like to dispense our adhesive at the beginning of the appointment and then clean our clients lashes and start to remove the grown out lashes so that the adhesive is ready to go by the time that we are!
    Once your adhesive has been dispensed. Immediately turn the bottle upright and let gravity allow the adhesive to slide back down into the bottle. Do not burp the bottle after dispensing a drop of adhesive. Once the nozzle is free of adhesive, carefully put the lid on and store on your work station.
    Be sure to keep the nozzle of the adhesive bottle clean by wiping away any excess adhesive using a makeup sponge. Be careful using anything with cotton in it as it can create heat, which can lead to a fire.
    Always store the bottle upright and keep out of direct sunlight. The adhesive lasts approximately 12 months unopened when stored in a cool, dark, dry places once opened the adhesive will be good for approximately 6-7 weeks.
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