Consultation and photos required. If you have previous eyebrow permanent makeup, you MUST send photos to be considered for our services at Photos must be clear, focused, and have good lighting. No makeup should be worn in the photos. New clients will be charged up to full price for their services. Touch up pricing is not valid for new clients as more time is needed to color match and/or color correct and to shape and/or reshape. In this industry it is not considered a Touch Up unless you are returning to the artist who did the original work.




Чем поддерживающая уборка отличается от генеральной?

Генеральная уборка = тотальная уборка. Удаляем сложные загрязнения (жир, известковый налет, водяный камни и тд.), убираем в труднодоступных местах! Поддерживающая уборка = легкая уборка. Проводится только тогда, когда недавно была генеральная уборка. и состоит из протирки пыли и зеркал, мытья пола, сантехники и выноса мусора. Поддерживающая уборка не включает в себя удаление сложных загрязнений, а служит для поддержания чистоты.

Нужно ли мне предоставить моющие средства и инвентарь для уборки?

Мы предоставляем всю химию и инвентарь сами, в том числе пылесос, парогенератор и стремянку, и за это не нужно доплачивать.

Необходимо ли мне присутствовать во время проведения уборки?

Вы можете присутствовать во время уборки, а можете и отлучиться по своим делам. Мы заранее свяжемся с Вами, как будем заказнчивать работу. Нашим сотрудникам можно доверять.

Работаете ли вы с юридическими лицами?

Да, мы сотрудничаем с юр.лицами, как на постоянной основе, так и оказываем разовые услуги. Оплатить услуги можно наличными или через расчетный счет.

А если меня не устроило качество уборки?

В течение суток после выполнения заказа при обнаружении недочетов мы готовы бесплатно приехать и всё исправить, или вернем деньги!

Frequently asked questions

What is Microstroking or Microblading?

Microstroking, or Microblading, is the art of creating natural looking hair strokes using a manual tool. This hand method of permanent makeup allows your brow artist to create crisp hair strokes that will fill in thin brows and brows with bald spots and also is a great treatment for treating clients with alopecia or those that may need brow reconstruction. Your eyebrows will be customized to the correct shape, fullness, design, and color using a wide range of high quality hypoallergenic permanent makeup pigments, mapping tools, and sterilized needle sizes.

What is Microshading?

Microshading is a manual technique that adds natural shading to the eyebrow to create a soft powder effect. This can be done as a service all of it's own or it can be added on top of the Microstroking, or Microblading, service as a way to created an even density, or fullness, across the eyebrow.

What type a license is required and who regulates this industry?

The body art industry is regulated by the State Health Department. All of our technicians are licensed through the state that they are working in. The license required is a Body Art License and this allows the technician to implant pigment into your skin legally. Each year our technicians must renew their licenses and are required to stay current on their bloodborne pathogens testing and knowledge. We also have a body art establishment license which allows us to do permanent makeup within our salon. This is renewed yearly as well and is regulated by the State Health Department up to 4 times a year.

Is Microstroking or Microblading considered a tattoo?

Yes, the State Health Department considers Microstroking, Microblading, and Microshading to be permanent procedures as you are implanting pigment into the upper layer of the dermis.

Is Microstroking or Microblading permanent?

Yes. While there is some fading that will happen with your tattoo, there is no way to tell when that will happen, how much fading will occur, or if it will ever fully leave your dermis. For those reasons, we must classify these procedures as permanent and as a tattoo, even if they fade to barely noticeable, as per the State Board requirements.

Is it safe?

Yes! We only use reputable companies who supply disposable, sterilized, single use needles, pens, and products with our Microstroking, Mircoblading, and Microshading procedures. The State Health Department conducts several inspections a year to confirm that all regulations are being upheld.

Is everyone a candidate?

No, unfortunately not everyone is able to received these procedures. During the consultation process you will be required to fill out a very detailed consultation and health history form to disclose any and all allergies, treatments, medications, and surgeries. For a list of contraindications, please see the Permanent Makeup tab.

Will I lose my own eyebrow hair?

Microstroking, Microblading, and Microshading does not require your entire eyebrow to be shaved and does not damage your natural hair, but instead works with your eyebrow hair to created a realistic fullness. During the design phase of your appointment, your brow artist will discuss with you any reshaping to your natural hair that will need to be done to achieved your desired shape. Every attempt will be made to keep as much of your natural hair as possible as it helps to create a more natural and realistic effect. Often times, your brow artist will only clean up a few stray hairs that may be growing outside of your agreed upon design in order create your perfect eyebrow.

How is the brow design and color determined?

Brow design and color are determined at the consultation portion of the appointment. The brows are not twins, but we canmanipulated them to appear as sisters! This is due to your facial bone structure not being symmetrical on each side of your face so it is impossible to make them identical. However, using rulers and ratios, your brow artist will construct a design that works for your bone structure. Pigment is placed on the skin directly to determine the proper color for your skin type. Together, you and your brow artist will choose the correct shape and color for your face. Prior to starting the application, you will need to approve both the design and the color before your artist will begin. No two clients are the same and no two brows will be the same. This process is unique and customized just for you and your bone structure.

Can you change your color or design once the procedure has been completed?

Yes, changes to your color and design can be made at the touch up appointments.

Will I need to take time off of work?

No, there is no down time required for our permanent makeup procedures. Redness and swelling will dissipate a few hours after the procedure has been completed.

Can I get my lash extensions done the same day?

Yes, but you must have them applied prior to your permanent makeup procedure. Once your initial procedure has been completed, please wait two weeks to receive your eyelash extension touch up. Be sure to book your appointments accordingly!

How many appointments are required?

We strongly recommend doing a second procedure touch up appointment 6 to 8 weeks (no longer than 12 weeks) after your initial procedure has been completed. If the second procedure appointment is not completed, you results will not retain well. This is because the skin may push some pigment out as it heals itself, but also some of the strokes may not heal as crisp or as defined the first time. We always recommend the second touch up appointment and for some clients who are not great candidates or are on strong medications, a third touch up appointment may be necessary.

How long are the appointments?

The first procedure appointment will take 2 hours to complete. A second procedure touch up is required 6-12 weeks after first initial procedure and will take 60-90 minutes to complete.

Does Microstroking or Microblading hurt?

Each client has a different level of pain. We have had clients experience a 6 out of 10 for pain and we have also had clients fall asleep during the procedure and feel 0 out of 10 for pain. We apply a topical anesthetic several times throughout the appointment and once again after we have completed the procedure to ensure that you are comfortable for as long as possible. Once the procedure has been completed, some clients may feel a slight tenderness on the area, but pain relievers may be taken as needed. ***Please note that pain relievers may only be taken AFTER the procedure has been finished. Please see precare and after care instructions for more details***

How long until it is healed?

Healing time varies from client to client. Complete healing, for most, occurs between 6 and 8 weeks. Once the skin has healed completely from your initial procedure, you may receive your second procedure touch up. The second procedure touch up appointment must be completed prior to 12 weeks for it to be considered the second procedure touch up.

How long does it last?

Touch ups are recommended between 12 and 18 months to prevent natural fading. Natural fading in permanent makeup occurs much quicker than on other areas of our bodies because our face is exposed daily to the sun, we use facial products near the treated areas, and our skin has quick shedding cycles. Those who have smaller pores, or dry skin, may see longer lasting results. There is no way to tell how long each individuals results will last for as each client's skin is unique. Following the aftercare, your skin type and health as well as using proper sun protection and keeping proper maintenance will help to extend the life of your permanent makeup.

Does everyone retain the pigment well?

There are many factors to consider in order to have a successful procedure. Pigment retention depends on skin type, age, aftercare, sun exposure, use of certain skin products, pigments used, immune system, medications and other factors. Some clients may react to the trauma of tattooing and their skin may push the pigment out as a way to heal itself and some medications and skin treatments will prevent pigment from retaining well. Consulting with your brow artist is the best way to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Those who are good candidates will retain pigment well and those that are not, will not.

What guarantees do you offer for a successful procedure?

Due to the unpredictability and uniqueness of each client's skin, there are no guarantees in this industry for these procedures. How the skin reacts to the service and heals is different for each client and there are many other factors that will be affect the healing process that are simply unknown as they are internal. Health, age, skin type, lifestyle, diet, aftercare, stress levels, and even skin care products will all affect a client's retention. This could lead to a client needing more than one touch up for a complete service. What CAN be guaranteed is that each one of our clients is given our absolute best service and that we take extreme pride in client satisfaction. We will do our best to make you satisfied with your procedure.

Is a deposit for an appointment required?

Yes, a 50.00 non-refundable deposit is required to schedule your eyebrow application appointment. You may call in your payment to schedule and secure your appointment.

How do you prepare for your Microstroking or Microblading appointment?

Please read through the PRE-CARE and AFTER CARE information before setting up your appointment to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for permanent makeup and can follow the requirements. Please do not bring children (under 16) or pets to your appointment. We do not allow guests in the treatment rooms so please keep guests in the lobby. We require 72 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling. Please see our rescheduling policies below for more details. If you have previous eyebrow permanent makeup, you must email photos of your eyebrows to Do not work out the day of the procedure. No alcohol or caffeine 12 hours prior to procedure to avoid excess bleeding and lymph. Do not take or apply Cocconut oil, Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Fish oil, or IBUprofen 24 hours before procedure. You may take Tylenol if you need. Do not tan or have sunburned face 10 days prior to appointment. Your tan will exfoliate and will pull the pigment out with your shedding skin. No waxing, tweezing, or tinting 3 days before. No Botox 2 weeks prior to your procedure or 4 weeks after your procedure. Schedule your lash appointments prior to your brow procedure as you cannot get a refill for 2 weeks after your procedure. Please be advised that you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.

What aftercare is needed for Microstroking or Microblading services?

4-5 hours after the procedure, clean the area with sterile water and a gauze pad and allow to air dry. The goal is to remove any lymph, dried pigment residue, and newly formed scabs that have started to form so that your future scabs will be much smaller and less noticeable. If you fail to cleanse properly, you will have large chunky scabs that are unpleasant and that may also pull pigment out with them as they shed off. AFTER THE INITIAL 4-5 HOURS YOU ARE GOING TO BE DRY HEALING: NO direct water, sunscreen, ointments, cleansers, creams, steam, makeup or other products on treated area for 10 days. DO NOT rub, pick or scratch the treated area. Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate off. Picking off the scabs will remove pigment from your brows and cause scarring! NO eyelash extension or hair appointments for 14 days following your procedure. Avoid sleeping on your face for the first 10 days. Use a clean pillowcase and aim to sleep on your back. Avoid heavy sweating for the first 10 days. Be prepared for pigment to disappear/Ghost starting day 7 until week 4. Please see the healing process information below for more details. Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning for 6 weeks after procedure. Be sure to wear big hats and sunglasses while healing. NO facials, botox, chemical treatments, or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks.

I already have previous work done on my brows. Can I still have my brows Microstroked or Microbladed?

Yes! In some cases we are able to work over the previous permanent makeup. However, in some cases we are not able to work with the previous work. In the cases where the pigment is not up to our standard, we will recommend removal procedures prior to receiving the Microstroking or Microblading procedure. Please note that ALL new clients will be charged initial procedure price for their services. Touch up pricing is not valid for new clients as more time is needed to consult, color match and/or color correct, and to shape and/or reshape. In this industry the procedures are not considered to touch ups unless you are returning to your original artist who did the original work.

What is the healing process like?

The healing process can be a roller coaster for those who are not prepared for it. First, your skin will start to heal itself within the first few hours. Day 1-2 your brows will be very bold and the skin will be very tight. Day 2-3 your scabs will start to appear, but if you followed the aftercare instructions your scabbing should be very minimal, small, and barely noticeable. Day 7-10 your scabs will start to flake off and your pigment will seem like it is disappearing. This is completely normal and is called 'Ghosting'. The pigment is settling into place and new skin has healed on top of the pigment. The pigment needs time to push its way back through so that you can see it again. This will occur around Day 21 - Day 28 depending on your age, skin condition, and individual cell turnover rate. Once the pigment has come back, your second procedure touch up can be scheduled between week 6 and week 8. The healing process will start over again once you have started the second procedure touch up. To find a list of the aftercare requirements, please see our Permanent Makeup tab on our website. ****It is important to mention that the healing process can be a bit of a roller coaster for your emotions BECAUSE there will be some days that you love your brows and some days that you hate them. They will be dark and then light and then dark again. How your brows look immediately after the procedure is NOT how they will look once they're fully healed as the brows will be about 25% lighter due to the pigment settling into the dermis and your new skin healing on top of the pigment. This procedure is a process and we strongly recommend the second procedure touch up appointment to be done on time. Please note, we cannot make any changes, or retouch, the brow area until the healing process has completely finished at 6-8 weeks.****

What is the difference between fresh Microstroking/Microblading and healed Microstroking/Microblading?

Fresh Microstroking, or Microblading, will be very bold and will have very crisp strokes. As the procedure heals the results will lighten up about 25% and will become less bold and crisp. This is important to understand so that you do not expect fresh results to last more than a few days. Skin type will determine how bold and crisp the eyebrows remain. Your second procedure touch up will help to create a bolder brow.

What do you if you have concerns after the procedure has been completed?

First, refer to your aftercare paperwork and our website's FAQ's page to see if your questions could be answered by reading the information there. If not, please feel free to contact us. If you have any issues where you feel medical attention should be sought out, please do so right away and let us know what is going on. Most often, what you are experiencing is a part of the normal healing process. Any concerns with shape, color, design, or fullness WILL NOT be considered, or touched up, until the second procedure touch up appointment. We will not touch your eyebrow procedure until 6 to 8 weeks have passed from your initial appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please be patient as this is a process and the healing must complete before we make any changes so as to prevent damaging the new skin.

Can I have this procedure removed if I went elsewhere and are not happy with the results?

Yes, there are removal options if you need to remove your previous permanent makeup or if you decide that you are not happy with your permanent makeup.

How can I extend the life of my procedure?

Following the aftercare instructions, protecting your permanent makeup from the sun by wearing big sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen, and avoiding the treated area during facial treatments will help to extend the life of your eyebrow procedure.


Please arrive to your appointment 5-10 minutes early to fill out consultation forms and to use the restroom. All prices are subject to change without notice. If proper maintenance is not followed, your pricing will be effected as well. A 50.00 non-refundable deposit is required. We have a strict 72 hour notice cancellation policy. We understand that at times, emergencies or illnesses happen and these will be handled on a case by case basis. However, if notice is not given in time, a late rescheduling fee will be added to your future appointment. Fee pricing is listed below: First offense - $ 50 Second offense - $ 100 Third offense - Full service charge and you must pre-pay your future appointments. No-Show without notice: First offense - 25% of your appointment fee to be pre-paid before future booking No-Show without notice: Second offense - 50% of your appointment fee to be pre-paid before future booking. If you arrive late to your appointment, we will not be able to extend your appointment time. Please understand that we have fully booked schedules and cannot extend your time into another client's appointment. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, we may have to reschedule your appointment and you will be will charged 25% - 50% of that service as it is considered a no show appointment. Out of respect and consideration for your artist and other customers, please do your best to be on time to your appointment. This includes planning your travel time accordingly. No cash refunds. We will be happy to make changes to your brows during your Second Procedure Touch Up appointment. We Reserve the right to REFUSE service to anyone for any reason.