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Detoxifying Maskne Facial - $80

This will help the skin to breathe and rid itself of impurities from mask usage. Great for all skin types!

60 Min

Ageless Facial - $80

This facial helps decrease fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven skin tone. Leaving you with a tighter, youthful complexion. Great for all skin types!

60 Min

Hydration Facial - $80

The perfect treatment for dull, dehydrated skin. Full of organic Aloe Vera, antioxidants, and AHA's to nourish and moisturize. Great for all skin types!

60 Min

Clarifying Facial - $90

This purifying facial helps fight mild to moderate acne using benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and charcoal to reveal clear, healthy skin. Great for problematic skin types. 

60 Min

Glowing Facial - $80

The ultimate facial for dewy, glowing skin. Using the best brightening ingredients including vitamins A, C, E and hyaluronic acid. Great for all skin types!

60 Min

Lunchtime Facial - $40

Need a quick pick me up? Choose from any of the above facials and make it a Lunchtime facial. This mini service will get you relaxed and hydrated in just 30 minutes!

30 Min