Your lash extensions are attached to your own individual eyelashes and will shed as your natural lashes shed. Maintaining your eyelash extensions will require regular refills so that new extensions can be applied to your new natural lashes that have grown in where your old natural lash shed. By following the aftercare below and keeping regular maintenance appointments, your extension set can last indefinitely. Please contact ATOL within 48 hours for any issues with your lash set. ****ATOL does not offer refunds, but will do everything possible to fix any product issues. Photos will be required to document your issue. Leaving the salon indicates that you approve the lash set so check your lashes before you leave!****


During the initial 24 hours after your appointment:

● Wash your lashes with cool water and ATOL Lash Bath as soon as you can. .

● Avoid taking steamy showers, facials, saunas, and swimming pools.

● Avoid getting moisture around the eye area when washing face, showering, etc.

● Do not use the spa, sauna, Bikram Yoga, or tanning bed for 48 hours after your appointment. The adhesive bond needs this time to cure internally with no added heat.

● You may spray tan after your appointment.

● Avoid chemical peels, waxing, or laser treatments around the eyes.

General guidelines to extend the life of your Eyelash Extensions

● Avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling your lash extensions. Allergies and shedding cycles will require more frequent maintenance, or refill, appointments.

● Proper hygiene is important in maintaining eyelash extensions. Please wash your eyelash extensions regularly with A Touch Of Lash foaming cleanser. If you choose to use a cleanser other than A Touch of Lash foaming cleanser, we cannot guarantee the 7-day retention policy for our extensions, as we do not know what that other cleanser’s ingredients are.

● Use caution when applying eye creams and moisturizers around the eye area. Too many oil-based products around the lash line can break down the adhesive and allow for premature shedding.

● Do not use an eyelash curler while wearing eyelash extensions. Heated eyelash curlers are safe, but unnecessary. If you’re unhappy with your curl choice, please let your lash artist know at your next appointment and a change can be made during your next scheduled refill appointment.

● We recommend sleeping on your back or on your side with your hand between your face and the pillow. If you find extensions on your pillow, sheets, sink, or vanity YOU ARE SLEEPING ON THEM. If one eye is shedding more than the other, you’re probably sleeping on them. If your extensions are crossed and twisted, you’re sleeping on them. Make an adjustment in the position that you fall asleep if you roll onto your face. Most clients are unaware that the pillow touches their face during their sleep, but your lash artist will be able to tell.

● Classic Extensions – we prefer you to not use mascara as it weakens the bond when removing it from your extensions, but if you must wear it, it must not be oil based or waterproof mascaras. Only apply mascara to the tips of the eyelash extensions and wash off with a foaming cleanser each evening.

● Volume Extensions – you are not able to use mascara or sealant. PERIOD. You will ruin your lash set.

● After showering, wait 5 minutes for your eyelash extensions to dry. Then brush them with your eyelash comb or clean and dry mascara wand.

● We recommend regular refill appointments between every 2 – 3.5 weeks to maintain the desired fullness. 4 weeks and longer will result in a full set, as you are likely to go into a large shed around week 4-5, as you get closer to the end of the bond cycle. Waiting too long for your lash refill will result in a bare lash line and an unhappy client. Refills must be no less than 30% retention or it will result in a full set. Please schedule your appointments accordingly. Feel free to contact us to reschedule if you are going through a shedding cycle and need to come in sooner than your scheduled appointment. It’s always better to come in earlier than to wait too long and have to pay for a full set again.

● If you experience any pain, irritation, redness, or itching, contact A Touch of Lash immediately.


How to wash your eyelash extensions:

Apply the A Touch of Lash foaming cleanser to the lash line using an A Touch of Lash cleaning brush. Clean the lash line in a slow, smooth, downward direction. Then, rinse your lashes off twice to ensure that the cleanser has completely come off. Gently pat your eyelids dry, and fluff after 5 minutes with a clean, dry mascara wand.