We have a few new pamper services that we are offering. One of them is the Cold Roll service. We add a collagen eye pad underneath the gel pads during your service and let that seep into your pores and your under eye area while we work on your lashes. Once your lashes are done your skin is prepped for the cold roll using our Rose Quartz facial roller. We add a dab of our Freck Lil Prick Serum and we start rolling in the collagen and serum to help brighten, smooth out, a create an even glow of your skin.


The collagen gel pads deposit hyaluronic acid, collagen and moisturizer into the skin to reduce fine lines, while the cool sensation from the rose quartz facial roller helps to smooth away puffiness. This creates more youthful looking skin. Freck Lil Prick Serum contains antioxidants like marula seed, raspberry seed, prickly pear and cactus seed. These help with anti-inflammatory, firming, toning, and quick absorption without leaving behind any greasy residue or appearance.



Cold Roll Add On Service...................................$7

5 Min

Retail - Freck Lil Prick Serum is $27 and is available for purchase. Lasts 6+ months and can bed used it on the face, neck, décolleté, hands, elbows etc.


Collagen Eye Pads are available for $1.00 each.


Rose Quartz Facial Rollers are available for $12. Do not put in the freezer instead you can store this in the refrigerator.