Add On Services

Hand & Arm Massage 15m $15

We know it's been a stressful time for everyone this year. We are all about trying to make our salon a relaxing and fun place to escape to. Our Facial/Wax Specialist, Ashley is now offering Hand & Arm Massages for you during any of your appointments. We do take all necessary sanitation precautions during this add on as well. A longer duration can be requested prior to appointment. 

Hydro Jelly Facial 30m $40

This Hydro Jelly facial is the perfect add on to cool off from this summer's heat. After your lashes are done, your artist will do a quick cleanse before putting on your Hydro Jelly mask. We have a wide variety for you to choose from depending on your skin needs. The artist will finish off with toning, adding a serum, and moisturizing your skin. Try it out and see what the craze is about!

Hydro Jelly Half Mask 15m $30

This half mask is perfect if you're looking to do a lower half mask during your lash service. Choose from our variety Hydro masks. Whether you're looking to tone, brighten, get rid of wrinkles or clear up your acne, we have a mask for you!

Collagen Eye Gel + Lip Serum $5

This add on service is meant to hydrate and moisturize the skin and help the collagen from the gel pads penetrate better. This is the perfect add on especially for the colder weather, as this tends to dry our skin out more. Try it out today! The duration depends on the service you are adding this on to. 

Cold Roll 5m $7

Roll your puffiness away while rehydrating your skin with our Freck facial products. The benefits consist of improving blood circulation and skin tone, eliminating toxins, and improving elasticity of the skin This will promote lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness and wrinkles, tighten and reduce pore size while reducing dark under eye  circles too.